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ControlScan's PCI 1-2-3 takes the Pain out of PCI Compliance

eApps has partnered with ControlScan, the leader in PCI compliance services. eApps customers can now take advantage of ControlScan's powerful and complete PCI 1-2-3 Compliance solution. The ControlScan solution helps small to medium sized ecommerce and online retail businesses achieve compliance with minimal pain and wasted time.

PCI 1-2-3 A Simpler Way to Achieve PCI DSS Compliance

One of the major concerns of online retailers is maintaining the security of their shopper's personal information. Shoppers are becoming increasingly aware of security issues as well, and can become reluctant to buy, resulting in lost sales. Credit Card processors expend countless hours dealing with credit card fraud, and incur losses of more than $1 billion a year, resulting in increased costs for everyone. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council (an organization formed by the card industry) created the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) to help merchants protect customer account data.

Any merchant or service provider that stores, processes or transmits customer credit card data is subject to the PCI DSS controls and processes. Online merchants that ignore PCI DSS risk costly fines, audit costs, restrictions and possibly a complete shutdown in the event that a security breach occurs.

Achieving PCI compliance is as easy as 1-2-3

The good news is that ControlScan makes it easy to meet PCI DSS requirements and protect private personal information. ControlScan's PCI 1-2-3 compliance solution, via the portal, provides the leading tools and support needed to analyze, remediate and validate PCI compliance.

The service is offered at an affordable rate, and includes the following easy to use functions:

1. PCI 1-2-3 Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)

  • Intuitive, step by step tool that even novice users find easy to use
  • An image-driven qualification step that helps you quickly determine your Validation Type (as defined by PCI DSS version 2.0)
  • Expert help text and real-life examples

2. PCI 1-2-3 Scanning

  • Network vulnerability scans for merchants with public-facing IP addresses
  • Web application scans (cross-site scripting, SQL injections and remote file inclusion) designed to find vulnerabilities in Web applications
  • Clear and easy reports that itemize the scan results and show vulnerabilities prioritized by severity
  • Complete instructions on how to resolve the highlighted vulnerabilities

3. PCI 1-2-3 Policy Builder

  • A set of custom security policies, powered by the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF), a leading provider of IT compliance, governance and regulatory content
  • Policy templates, automatically generated based on how you process card payments, making compliance with this specific PCI DSS requirement a breeze

4. PCI 1-2-3 Security Awareness Training

On-demand security training delivered in an easy to understand, non-technical, manner which satisfies the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) security awareness requirement. Benefits include the following:

  • Provides you with effective knowledge on how to combat the second leading cause of breaches, the mishandling of sensitive information; delivered via on-demand video or as a downloadable file
  • Tells you what you need to know to establish a formal security awareness program (and affirmatively answer the SAQ question, "Is a formal security awareness program in place to make all employees aware of the importance of cardholder data security?")
  • Saves you money by eliminating the need to purchase an expensive security awareness training program from a third-party vendor
  • Tracks and reports employees' training completion rates through acknowledgement certificates

5. Breach Protection

  • ControlScan provides a Breach Protection policy at no additional cost to PCI 1-2-3 customers (for US based companies only). Should a suspected or actual data breach occur, you will be covered for up to $50,000 (NO DEDUCTIBLE) to pay for audits, fines or other expenses associated with the breach. For more information, please click here.

6. Personal Touch Support

  • ControlScan's support team is staffed by highly trained professionals with expertise in PCI DSS. Their staff has years of experience working with small to medium sized merchants. This extensive knowledge of PCI and a deep understanding of how small to medium sized merchants operate allows ControlScan to provide you with clarity of the PCI compliance requirements in terms you understand. Support is available via telephone, email or online chat.

ControlScan's PCI 1-2-3 compliance solution is delivered as an on-demand subscription service, so you can start gaining PCI compliance immediately from your browser. ControlScan offers the most comprehensive and easy to use PCI DSS compliance solution, at a great value. Get started today with PCI 1-2-3 compliance solutions. ControlScan's superior tools are ready, and their helpful support staff is standing by to give you personalized assistance as you take the fast track to PCI compliance.


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