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Applications Overview and List of Supported Hosted Applications

eApps® Means Web Application Hosting! Since we began hosting in 1996, eApps has focused on application hosting. Our emphasis comes from our roots as a consulting and software development firm. We started offering and supporting mission critical applications on Day 1 of our hosting operation and have evolved to achieve the high level of application hosting services that we offer today.

Free Application Support Policy for Core Application Hosting Services

Using the included Control Panels, and other means, customers can install hundreds of applications. We don't try to be an expert on all of the applications our customers can install, but we provide expertise on some of the most popular applications used for web sites. These "core" hosted applications have User Guides for deployment and configuration and receive responsive 24/7 support at no extra cost. Applications are bundled with OS templates for convenience, or can be installed using the Control Panel. For more information, review our Technical Support Policies.

Supported Applications Bundled with OS Templates - With the eApps Virtual Machine in the Cloud service, you have a choice of many OS templates. Included in the list of OS templates are special purpose templates that included one or more of the supported application hosting services. By simply choosing one of these special OS templates the included applications are automatically installed and ready for use.

Applications Installed from Control Panel - Most of the our OS templates also include the industry leading ISPmanager Control Panel at no extra cost. This Control Panel is used to install and administer all of the core (eApps supported) hosted applications as well as an extensive library of popular applications. A list of the eApps core supported applications with a short description and a link to our user guides follows. Visit our Applications List and Search page for descriptions and version numbers of all available applications.

Popular Java Application server for JSP and Servlets
from The Apache Software Foundation

Java EE 6, EE 7 compliant Application Server
Enterprise Grade, from GlassFish Community

Java EE 7 compliant Application Server
Enterprise Grade, from WildFly (JBoss) Community

Java EE 6 compliant Application Server
Enterprise Grade, from JBoss Community

Leading Enterprise Web Platform, powered by Java
Community Edition, by Liferay Community

Widely Used Database Management System
Community Edition, by Oracle

Enterprise Grade Database Management System
Core Distribution, by PostgreSQL Global Development Group

Portable Programming Language of the Networked World
built under the Java Community Process

Favorite language of many web programmers
the "P" in LAMP, by The PHP Group

Esteemed Web Develpment Framework for Productivity
by Team led by David Heinemeier Hansson

Fast Growing Web Development Framework, Grails
Leverages the power of Java through Groovy

Most Widely Used Content Management System on the Web
CMS System by Open Source Matters

#1 Blog and Web Site System Used on the Web

Flexible and Popular Content Management System

Implementation of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
by OpenLDAP Foundation

Reliable SSL/TLS Based Virtual Private Network
Community Edition by OpenVPN Technologies, Inc.

Network Operating System, Supporting IPSec VPN
Open Source continuation of Vyatta, by

Robust Load Balancing for TCP and HTTP based applications
by Willy TARREAU of Exosec

Web Application Hosting Support Policy for All Other Applications

The reason we have been called the best applications host is that we also provide more support than our competitors for all of the hosted applications that are available in the Control Panels (including Plesk and cPanel), regardless of the source. Our 24/7 technical support team will verify that the application is installed correctly and ready for deployment of your site. Please note that each control panel offers a large list of applications. For a list of applications available via the ISPmanager Control Panel, with version numbers, visit our Applications List page.

Please click the LIVE CHAT icon for on-line assistance with web application hosting or submit our Contact Us inquiry form for more information about our application hosting services.

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